Best Men’s Minimalist Watches Under $100

For some, a watch can serve as a central component of one’s individual style. While a substantial, ornate timepiece may represent the wearer’s tastes to some, those of us with more subtle preferences might prefer something a little less dramatic and attention-seeking.

With an emphasis on function, minimalist men’s watches aren’t without their own understated style. A simple but thoughtful design may just say more about you than those oversized anchor-bracelets ever could!

We found the best men’s minimalist watches under $100 available. Foremost in our picks are watches supported by honest, unbiased reviews. Luckily, there are a few fantastic options to choose from in this emerging field by names perhaps less recognized in timekeeping:

Pick #1

First up is a watch that you may not have heard of.  The VAVC Simple Black takes the top spot mostly on value alone. Two color options keep it simple with a black-on-black design and a touch of color in either red or blue depending on your choice.

Though lesser known, VAVC offers a 2-year warranty and reviewers have noted a helpful and responsive support presence when needed. Most reviewers claim that the watch looks as good or better in person then they expected.

Some claim that this is an MVMT clone at a cheaper price, but that the differences are negligible. And notice the size; at 42mm it’s not a small piece, so consider that when you make your choice!

Pick #2

The second watch in our list is the Stuhrling Original Ascot. With a classic take on the minimalist theme, this watch skews more traditional than modern but without needless ornamentation.

Examples of this are the leaf-style hands and onion-style crown along with the highly polished case and leather band. The detail work even extends to the bottom of the case with stylized engraving. Even if only the wearer recognizes these touches, sometimes that’s enough.

With Swiss movement and a decent 50m water resistance, this watch is the more refined choice, if a touch more expensive.

Pick #3

And our final pick is for those of you thoroughly unconcerned with status and bragging rights, but find pleasure in finding hidden treasure. The SONGDU Analog is simplicity itself with 5 styles to select from.

Easily the least expensive of our choices, this watch is no less winning.  Reviewers are mostly smitten with the watch for its handsome looks and strong value. Also, note the sleek 7.5mm case thickness.

While form and function are highly rated, keep in mind that at this price point, materials must be kept fairly basic. The watch face is simple glass and therefore may scratch more easily than crystal. For a casual use watch, this is a fair trade-off.

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Posted by Whichie Staff