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Best Manual Wine Bottle Openers

Best Manual Wine Bottle Openers

An important yet overlooked factor of enjoying a new-to-you or favorite bottle of wine is the very first step: the uncorking. This can be part of the pleasure or a menial chore.

Quality wine bottle openers will ease entry into every bottle and should last nearly forever. The best wine bottle openers will do so with style and without fuss.

Here are the best wine bottle openers available today:

Pick #1

Sometimes simplicity is key. The HiCoup Professional Wine Key combines a double-hinged corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter in a slim and compact yet sturdy and solid stainless steel package.

It’s our number 1 pick because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews (a 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, no less!), coupled with it’s fair, entry-level price.

Reviewers commonly laud it’s heft and balance in the hand, along with a functional and effective serrated foil cutter. The build quality and available finishes (28 in all) are also frequently mentioned.

Some drawbacks have been iffy performance as a beer bottle opener, and it’s derivative (or knock-off) design owing to the much more expensive Pulltap by Pulltex.

Pick #2

Our second pick is an entirely different type of wine bottle opener: the “rabbit” style. This GSCW Rabbit Style Lever Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener may look complicated, but makes the opening process dead simple, and even fun.

Also included with the tool is a presentation box, and extra Teflon-coated worm, and stand-alone foil cutter. A lifetime money-back guarantee should allay fears of future issues.

Reviewers have noted it’s ease of use, sturdy quality, and responsive and generous customer service in their near universal praise for this bronze beast.

Pick #3

For those preferring the familiar winged corkscrew design, we would suggest the Cuisinart CTG-00-WIC Barware Winged Corkscrew.

In this category, there are many other nearly identical options, but quality appears to vary greatly by brand which is why we’re sticking to one of the biggest names in kitchen gear to execute this time-tested and popular design.

With a reasonable price to accompany it’s no-nonsense approach to opening wine bottles and a limited lifetime warranty from a major brand, you should have all your bases covered with this basic Cuisinart tool.

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