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Unsung Heroes of the Woodpile: Hookaroons and Pickaroons – A Guide to Your New Forestry Best Friends

Dive deeper into the fascinating world of hookaroons and pickaroons! These forest friends may appear similar, but their personalities diverge under the woodpile. Read on to discover our some background and our picks for the best hookaroon and the best pickaroon.

Just looking for the top picks? These are the top 3 best hookaroons and pickaroons available today:

  1. Ochsenkopf OX 172 A-0900
  2. Fiskars 28″ Hookaroon
  3. Oregon 536319 Aluminium Log Lifting Pick

Let’s peel back the bark and discover their unique strengths:

The Hookaroon:

  • A burly brute: Imagine a curved claw. Its hooked tip sinks into heavy logs, dragging them like a determined pack mule. Rolling debris and breaking log jams are child’s play for this muscle-bound tool.

The Pickaroon:

  • A nimble fencer: Picture a pointed spear. Its angled spike dances with precision, splitting firewood with finesse and maneuvering lumber with delicate control. Smaller logs and detailed tasks are its forte.

Choosing your champion:

  • King of the pile: If you wrestle giant logs and navigate chaotic woodpiles, the hookaroon is your brawny companion.
  • Master of precision: When smaller logs and meticulous tasks reign, the pickaroon’s nimble dance takes center stage.
  • Dual wielding: Many seasoned woodsmen swear by having both! Each tool shines in its own domain, making them a dynamic duo for conquering any woodsy challenge.

Beyond the basics:

  • Size matters: Hookaroons and pickaroons come in various sizes and handle lengths, catering to different needs and physiques.
  • Material matters: From sturdy steel to lightweight fiberglass, even wood handles offer options for comfort and balance.
  • More than meets the eye: Some models boast additional features like hammers for splitting, flat ends for prying, and even saw blades for impromptu cuts.

Top Contenders for the Best Hookaroon or Pickaroon:

1. Ochsenkopf OX 172 A-0900:

Ochsenkopf OX 172 A-0900

This aluminum hookaroon is a real workhorse, designed to conquer hefty logs and make your woodpile wrangling a breeze. Here’s the lowdown:


  • Muscle for massive logs: With a 900mm (35.5″) handle and a sturdy aluminum head, the OX 172 A-0900 can handle heavy logs with ease. Its curved hook digs deep and secures its grip, letting you drag even the most stubborn giants without breaking a sweat.
  • Ergonomic advantage: The long handle keeps your back in a comfortable position, reducing strain and fatigue compared to bending over or lifting directly. This makes it ideal for extended woodpile maneuvering or repetitive tasks.
  • Lightweight champion: Despite its impressive size, the aluminum construction keeps the OX 172 A-0900 surprisingly light. This makes it easier to control and swing compared to heavier steel hookaroons, especially for long periods.
  • Built to last: Ochsenkopf is known for its high-quality tools, and the OX 172 A-0900 is no exception. The robust aluminum construction ensures it can withstand years of heavy use, making it a worthy investment for any firewood enthusiast.

Unique features:

  • Plastic grip handle: Provides a comfortable and secure hold, even when your hands are sweaty or gloved.
  • Durable yellow paint: Protects the aluminum from corrosion and makes the tool easy to spot in the woodpile.
  • Simple design: No frills, just pure functionality. This makes the OX 172 A-0900 easy to maintain and clean.

User reviews and ratings:

The Ochsenkopf OX 172 A-0900 generally receives positive reviews from users, praising its strength, ergonomic design, and lightweight construction. Some users mention the handle could be thicker for larger hands, but overall, it’s considered a reliable and effective tool for handling heavy logs.

Overall, the Ochsenkopf OX 172 A-0900 is a top choice for anyone who regularly deals with large logs and wants a sturdy, easy-to-use hookaroon. Its long handle, lightweight aluminum construction, and comfortable grip make it a back-saving champion for tackling woodpiles with confidence.

2. Fiskars 28″ Hookaroon:

Fiskars 28" Hookaroon

The Fiskars 28″ Hookaroon (model 360070-1001) is another worthy contender in the world of firewood wrangling tools. Here’s how it stacks up against the Ochsenkopf OX 172 A-0900:


  • Sharp and pointed blade: Unlike the purely hooked design of the OX 172 A-0900, the Fiskars Hookaroon features a pointed angled blade. This allows for easier digging into logs and provides a more secure grip, especially on icy or frozen wood.
  • Hardened boron steel head: This material boasts superior durability and strength compared to aluminum, making the Fiskars Hookaroon ideal for heavy-duty tasks and long-lasting use.
  • Non-slip grip and flared end: The handle features a textured non-slip surface and a flared end for enhanced control and reduced hand fatigue. This is especially helpful when grappling with heavy logs or working in wet conditions.
  • Versatility: Apart from dragging and lifting logs, the Fiskars Hookaroon can also be used for tasks like rotating, stacking, and even splitting smaller logs with its pointed blade.
  • Shorter handle: At 28 inches, the Fiskars Hookaroon is shorter than the OX 172 A-0900, making it more maneuverable in tight spaces or for tasks closer to the ground. This can be advantageous for some users, especially those working with smaller woodpiles or firewood racks.

Unique features:

  • Included sheath: The Fiskars Hookaroon comes with a protective sheath that safeguards the blade during storage and transportation, enhancing safety and preventing accidental cuts.
  • Full lifetime warranty: Fiskars offers a lifetime warranty on the Hookaroon, demonstrating their confidence in its quality and durability.

User reviews and ratings:

The Fiskars 28″ Hookaroon enjoys an overall positive user rating, with many praising its sharp blade, sturdy construction, and comfortable grip. Some users mention the shorter handle might be less desirable for very large logs, but for most firewood tasks, it’s considered a valuable tool.

Overall, the Fiskars 28″ Hookaroon is a versatile and durable choice for those who value a sharp blade, secure grip, and maneuverability. It’s a great option for handling medium to large logs and excels in smaller spaces. However, if your primary focus is tackling massive logs and maximizing reach, the longer handle and heavy-duty construction of the Ochsenkopf OX 172 A-0900 might be a better fit.

3: Oregon 536319 Aluminium Log Lifting Pick:

So, whether you’re a seasoned woodsman or a curious adventurer, the world of hookaroons and pickaroons awaits! Go forth, explore their unique talents, and discover the perfect tool to tame your next woodsy challenge.

Posted by Whichie Staff